Linear Dimensions

Sophie Victoria Elliott ‘Untitled: Linear Dimensions’ Collage, June 2012.

Graphic Questionings and Word Wonderings

Sophie Victoria Elliott ‘Untitled: It’s Still Raining Series’ Graphic Collage, June 2012.

Sophie Victoria Elliott ‘Untitled: It’s Still Raining’ Written Piece, June 2012.

Basement Progression

Sophie Victoria Elliott.

Milkwood Residency in progress.

Much to do and it is proving to be a big space to do a collage in! Went all the way to Swansea to get A0 and A1 prints done especially for this. Lots of cutting. Lots of measuring. Lots of sticking.

Starting to take shape but so far to go!

Untitled: Absence

Sophie Victoria Elliott ‘Untitled: Absence Series’ Graphic Collage, Paper Collage, Photography and Photo-manipulation, June 2012.

Looking at repetition of shape to communicate the rhythm experienced on the bike.

The triangular shape is derived from a number of images, sources and ideas collated whilst on the bike.

Camera, compromises and chases.

Sophie Victoria Elliott, ‘Untitled: Chasing Light Series’ photographs. June 2012.

A collection of images taken on today’s bike journey, and manipulated to express the temporal light and continual flux experienced.

This work feels as though projection, acetate and layering would be appropriate as the development.

Chasing Light

Sophie Victoria Elliott ‘Untitled: Cyclical Extractions’ Graphic Collage, June 2012.

In response to my current cycling residency for Cardiff Cycle Festival 2012 at Milkwood Gallery.

Combining the transitional space experience whilst on a bike with the refractions of light and repetition/ rhythm experienced.