The Milkwood Working Men’s Club
February 2, 2013, 2:22 pm
Filed under: Tiff Oben / Helene Roberts

Tiff and Helene Roberts


Tiff Oben & Helene Roberts create installation works as immersive spaces that have developed throughout their collaboration. In October, they took over the basement space for Made in Roath 2012, and attempted to recreate the atmosphere at the heart of old Roath clashing with the creative identity of the present day usage of the basement. The immersive participatory installation, Milkwood Working Men’s Club was a hugely successful piece, generating an initial sense of discomfort and disorientation upon entrance, and inviting visitors to participate in karaoke, drinking and a series of live evening events throughout MiR.

Tiff Oben and Helene Roberts

Tiff Oben and Helene Roberts