THIS WEEK; catch Miranda Vissers in the basement
July 28, 2011, 5:38 pm
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Miranda Vissers from the Netherlands is our latest Basement artist who will be taking inspiration from the Welsh landscape including the Brecon Beacons and Pembrokeshire coast as well as the  people she meets during her journey.

Miranda uses photography to document her impressions which are then translated into forms and shapes which, in turn, create installations. Her installations are multi-faceted and can combine painting, found objects, photographs and collages. Miranda prefers to work with ‘natural’ materials such as wood, paper, textiles and plants.

The basement will be open for the public to view Wednesday 27th from 10.30 till 12.30h and on Saturday 30th from 10.30 till 16.00h.

The artist will be here to talk about the work, and will be providing refreshements of Chocomel & Stroopwafels from Holland.

Read some of Miranda’s experiences in her blog, below…


July 26, 2011, 1:48 pm
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“We stayed in a B&B in the Brecon Beacons and enjoyed the beautiful landscape.

Lush green mountains with flowers and sheep everywhere around us.

It is a bit far from Milkwood, but commuting gave us the opportunity to see more of Wales than staying in Cardiff.

In the first days there was not much time for painting but I did some outdoor projects and collected material to work with next week. The B & B owner generously gave me a whole fleece and a stack of copies of ‘The Smallholder’. So sheep will be a theme that I will be working with.

After four days in the mountains we traveled to the Pembrokeshire coast. A hilly countryside ending in steep cliffs with at the bottom an almost turquoise see.

Between the cliffs there are sandy beaches at low tide, but at high tide there are pebbles and rocks protecting the land from the see.

Pebbles, stones and rocks are rare in Holland but here they are everywhere.

I took some stones with me and gave them a new look.

We had a boat trip and saw thousands of puffins, lots of other birds, seals and dolphins.

I bought some postcards with puffins, and never send the cards. They reminded me of Dieter Roth’s postcards from Iceland. I made him a tribute with my cards.

While staying at the coast side I had more opportunity to do some painting.

Now back in Cardiff, I will try to make some work related to the welsh countryside I saw, and will use some materials that I collected.”

July 18th 2011, Cardiff halfway
July 26, 2011, 11:44 am
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“Writing this blog helps me to reflect more seriously on my way of working.

Due to my husband’s work I often travel. While I travel I like to collect materials that appeal to me.

Because of my background in environmental sciences those materials are often recyclables and/or waste products.

I take those ‘treasures’ back home with me.

There they are used in my work or they accompany me on a next journey for a new life in a foreign place.

Working in the Basement allows me to work in this way in a very short period of time.

From journeys to Canada I brought home a box full of white paper cups, used in fast-food shops for ketchup.

On my first day in the Basement I filled the whole floor with those cups.

Working my way through the room I got a good feeling for its space.

When finished it gave the Basement a new appearance.

The small forms on the floor invite you to kneel down and to have a closer look.

After having taken photographs, all the cups went back in their box, to be used in due time in another place?

Starting with an empty space again, I decided to show something of my background.

I was born in the western part of the Netherlands, Holland.

This is the part most tourists will see on their holiday. The tulip fields, windmills, flat countryside with cows, Delftware, they seem so cliché but familiar images for me as child.

This week the Basement is a bit Dutch.”

‘This week the basement is a bit Dutch’
July 25, 2011, 5:50 pm
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Miranda Visers begins work in the basment…

Miranda Vissers
July 15, 2011, 11:59 am
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It is quite a challenge, working in the basement of  Milkwood for only two weeks. It doesn’t leave much time to explore Wales and make site-related work as-well. In this short period of time I will be visiting the Brecon Beacons, the Pembrokeshire coast and Cardiff. I’d better start with a good plan and work from there. Since I will be travelling a lot in the first week, not so much work will be taking place in the gallery basement. So I will start by showing some of my Dutch work; created from items I brought from m home in Holland. This will give the viewer an impression of where I come from and how I work.

This work will then be complemented – or replaced by-   work subsequently created while I’m in Wales.

The way my work is created is an organic process. I use photography to document my impressions and these are then translated into forms and shapes which, in turn, create installations.

My installations are multi-faceted and can combine painting, found objects, photographs and collages. I prefer to work with ‘natural’ materials such as wood, paper, textiles and plants.