The Way of Tea: Week Two Part One
December 9, 2012, 11:34 am
Filed under: Heidi Mehta
Tea cup from Japanese fabric being hand sew and embroidered

A productive and interesting week. Started using the basement as my studio and it felt really nice, a peaceful, relaxing and harmonious space to work in. As well as looking at my own drawings, prints and stitched pieces I wanted to begin to look at pieces completed by member of Roath’s community during my arts project Way of Tea: Roaming Roath as part of Made in Roath 2012 I have always intended on bringing together a collaborative piece and the idea was that through a relaxing social exchange individuals could sew a piece, add to someone else’s piece, share a story etc. It worked well in some Tea Houses and not in others but the pieces of work left with me and signed by each person are beautiful.

My tea cup needs a background which is just as pretty.

It was interesting to discover the people who would get involved, lots of people were really happy to stop and chat, inquiring about what we were doing but lots were uncomfortable about starting with a blank canvas and also with the time limit they had that day. I soon realised that it would be easier for some, if I cut out fabric templates or samples of tea cups, japanese tea sets, tea pots and milk jug and they could select their background fabric and start stitching.

Adding the finer details with fabric pen.

Molly, Tom, Emma, Camille and Natalie all worked busily, cutting up fabrics, stitching pieces down, using fabric pens to draw details and sign their work. This session in The Pot Cafe was my most memorable and enjoyable.

I now wanted to finish working on the samples I began stitching during my roaming roath project and try and work out how the pieces will fit together for one collaborative piece. I am keen to add traditional Japanese pattern to the overall piece, to incorporate machine and hand embroidery, to use doilies and lace alongside the British tea cup or pot.


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