Sophie Victoria Elliott- Beginnings

Geology is the driving force behind the fascination with the landscape. The landscape is in constant flux with everything dependent on one another with land mutually destructive and creative. Rivers feature prominently in the work where erosion, transportation, deposition and repetition conclude in alluvial fans. This inspiration has lead on to responding in:

–          Painting

–          Drawing

–          Pattern based extension drawing

–          Photography

–          Hand-cut silhouettes and relief pieces

–          Manipulating maps from 1950s -70s geography books on illustrator

–          Generating own maps from drawings and paintings

–          Collage

–          Monoprint

–          Screenprint


Geology begins my engagement with the landscape but I cannot deny man’s impact and response to it too. Industry, roads and buildings all interrupt the view of the archetypal landscape traditionally denoted by artists. However, I aim to engage with these features. This residency will look at the transportation of ‘us’ using bikes and public transport through the Welsh landscape.

To get from Caerphilly to Milkwood gallery I will travel by train and bike only. This route will be responded to using

–          Photography

–          Cycle route maps

–          Signage (distance, Taff Trail, place names etc.)

–          Circular shape

All colours will derive from the signs, cycle route maps and my own photographs taken along the journey. I will use both English and Welsh language in the work as, being away from Wales, I am highly aware that the bilingual signs signifies Wales for me. Ultimately the format of the work will be in a circular shape. This is symbolic of not only a bike wheel but of renewable sources, the earth and how our actions have an impact.

I imagine that the concluding work will be personal maps created on paper combining collage, drawings and possibly stitch (sewing the linear journey of the bike routes as the top layer).


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