Post Partum Weeks 5 & 6
March 5, 2012, 9:27 am
Filed under: Zoe Gingell

I have completed all the sequences of stills, the separate elements that will be composited into one image as a whole, and placed within a timeline in order to become alive, ‘animate’.

Gareth Bryn at Cinemattic in Cardiff Bay is working on pulling the film together, and I have been working with Simon and Darren of Soundworks on the sound for the piece, which I’m hoping will bring a sense of presence rather than anything literal.

In the basement space I am now drawing on wallpaper, tracing shadows of projected light through a lace curtain.

I am hoping that the drawing will extend beyond tracing what is ‘real’, observing the way that the ‘given’ shapes shift and wandering whether I want to form them into other recognisable ‘things’, as a child sees forms in clouds, faces on moons and shadow figures cast on walls from harmless objects like a coat on a peg.

The drawing takes a long time, and there’s a lot of wall to cover. Excruciating, yet obsessively pleasing, hours go past and I scribble, covering only a small amount of physical space.

There are technical challenges inherent in drawing shadows, which is forcing me to make marks in a new and unfamiliar way; shadows of lace, organised patterns which fold and partly disappear, only a spectre of it’s actual ‘real’ nature as material.

It is like mapping a shifting moment; it is like capturing a memory.

Zoe Gingell

February 29th 2012


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