Post Partum: Weeks 3/4
February 16, 2012, 4:28 pm
Filed under: Zoe Gingell

Week Three/Four

Spent the last couple of weeks bringing to life the animated ‘elements’, in a way that allows them to be read. How to get the shadows clear enough as either a back projection or as a lit ‘shadow’. Tried front lighting onto the objects but not controllable enough, or clear enough and so decided on backlighting.

Tried thin paper stretched across a clothes rail on wheels to allow me to alter how close to the amazing big f**k off theatre light that I’ve hired it is. Shadows work in a way you don’t expect – like mirror images, but not quite, still haven’t worked it out… The nearer the light source, the further you are away from the recipient ‘surface’ – the image receiver- and thus the bigger and more fuzzy the outline. I want to give that impression in the final piece, but have the clearest ‘edges’ to play with in post when all the elements are in.

Things are coming together. My children have been to visit, press buttons, act behind the ‘light show’ – knowing, yet oblivious of their inspirational role.

My acquaintances, friends, mothers; some artists or writers, or people moved to help other mothers because of their own catalytic change;  are willing to open to my project; taking as a start the exploration & utterance of repositioning and of past experience, a mere ‘telling’; or utterance of that which underpins rather than undermines our power as Mothers, changed beings.

In parallel, I move an object a millimetre, capture it, to reanimate a feeling, an allegory which explains what I could not explain.

This process is potent and banal simultaneously. The simple rhythm is both comforting and frustratingly far from a; ‘finished’ work, yet allows a breathing- juxtaposed by conversations with eloquent women who have contextualised their anxieties, come out the ‘other side’, as it were.

Sarah Appleton Jones, Sian Hughes, Davida Hewlett, to name three…

We are mothers and friends, bound by our ability and desire to utter what we dared not, in order to function. It feels sacrilegious, yet precious, indulgent and unnecessarily necessary. A testament to a fragile beauty.

An experience of one’s own power beyond your previous knowledge and at the same time utter humble quiet fear.

So yes, big things. Little moments, nanoseconds. I animate a dummy, which becomes a surrogate child, connecting me to memory and a sense of time passing which remains current. A current.


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Beautiful images – great to see the ‘making’ of – the complications and delicacy of ‘bringing’ something such as this to life –

Keep nursing your baby….XX

Comment by christabel

Looking forward to seeing the finished result @zoeGingell

Comment by ione rucquoi (@ionerucquoi)


Comment by zoe

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