Week One of Zoe Gingell’s basement residency
January 26, 2012, 11:05 am
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Post Partum, by Zoe Gingell

Week One

I am using the basement residency to complete work which I began after the birth of my second child 5 years ago. Titled ‘Cradle’, it began as a series of moments I caught on video, of the light moving and casting shadows above the cot where my baby slept.

Overtime, I have gained a perspective on my sleep deprived hyper-neurotic state, which I new to be simultaneously precious and overwhelmingly fragile. I aim to re- present these ‘moments’, re-create them via filmed and animated shadows, to re connect with my feelings and memories of that time.

The shadows are metaphorical – literally projections of a version that was within my own mind; the imaginary within a ‘real’ space, an unspoken heightened sense of fear and the need to know and protect my child.

This first week I have been playing with light and shadow, identifying the various ‘elements’ that will form the shadow composition; the projected picture which will be shown within the eventual installation. I have experimented with filming shadows thrown by a single light source onto a wall (cot) and backlighting an object onto a screen. I spent three days animating an antique doll, suspended mid air, to produce about 10 seconds of ‘real time’… In slowing down the movement of the ‘baby’ I remembered how my own baby moved; in jerky, mistimed stretches and grasps, not actually fluid movement.

Its been great to play this week, a luxury in fact and thus far its all fairly low tech., but I need to get organized; I need to strip my idea into seconds of time – to be recreated, frame by frame…

One day a week, I will be inviting mothers to come and have a ‘conversation’ with me about their experiences during pregnancy and after,  encouraging expression of that you can’t talk about at softplay. I will record these sessions, to create an archive of ‘Mother voices’ that, including my own voice will form the soundtrack of new work.

Zoe’s residency will run from now through February. The resultant exhibition will be presented on 9th March and run until 31st. 


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Keep playing Zo….X

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