July 18th 2011, Cardiff halfway
July 26, 2011, 11:44 am
Filed under: Miranda Vissers

“Writing this blog helps me to reflect more seriously on my way of working.

Due to my husband’s work I often travel. While I travel I like to collect materials that appeal to me.

Because of my background in environmental sciences those materials are often recyclables and/or waste products.

I take those ‘treasures’ back home with me.

There they are used in my work or they accompany me on a next journey for a new life in a foreign place.

Working in the Basement allows me to work in this way in a very short period of time.

From journeys to Canada I brought home a box full of white paper cups, used in fast-food shops for ketchup.

On my first day in the Basement I filled the whole floor with those cups.

Working my way through the room I got a good feeling for its space.

When finished it gave the Basement a new appearance.

The small forms on the floor invite you to kneel down and to have a closer look.

After having taken photographs, all the cups went back in their box, to be used in due time in another place?

Starting with an empty space again, I decided to show something of my background.

I was born in the western part of the Netherlands, Holland.

This is the part most tourists will see on their holiday. The tulip fields, windmills, flat countryside with cows, Delftware, they seem so cliché but familiar images for me as child.

This week the Basement is a bit Dutch.”


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