…the room as a canvas…
January 27, 2011, 1:15 am
Filed under: Lauren Foulkes


“I began this residency by thinking about the elements that make up my paintings. I started by making small collages, combining glossy photographs of models and objects with images of figures and creatures made from coloured and cut up papers. This enabled me to gain an alternative perspective to the way I construct my paintings. I soon decided that I was going to use painting and collage together, so began to cut out figures from MDF with the idea that I would use fabric, magazine images and oil paint . Working in this way within the confinements of the basement space has thrown up different problems and solutions that I do not encounter when working only in 2D. I have taken aspects of my paintings and put them in a real space, the painting hasn’t changed its the way in which they are viewed I am manipulating. I am in the work as I create it but I am still working as if with a canvas, the room is the canvas. I have grown very interested in the relationship between the objects and the figures that are now at times to scale of the real life things that stand in the room. It has been a very different way of working to what I am used to but very beneficial to developing my practice. It has provided me with an arena to try out ideas I am unable to realise on a canvas.”


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Wow, I’ll not sleep tonight! Keep going Art Girl.

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