A basement project for the new year…
December 3, 2010, 8:12 pm
Filed under: Lauren Foulkes

The proposal of artist Lauren Foulkes…

“During this residency I want to use my practice and interests to influence the space, immersing the viewer directly in the work. I will use the constricted nature of the basement space positively, using its scale to my advantage, helping me to realise themes and resolve some problems I have been working on in my two dimensional work.
The enclosed nature of the space lends its self greatly to the ideas I wish to explore. I find the narrow entrance to the space intriguing, the staircase isolating it from the world above. The installation using painting drawing and objects, will transform the space to create a secret room. I want the viewer to view the space as an entity, to become part of the work and made aware of there own presence within it, incorporating the viewer’s own imagination.
On entering the basement I immediately thought of visits to grottos, caves and replica houses. I made a connection to this and the themes I explore in my work, ideas surrounding pretence and reality. I am interested in make-believe, fairy tale culture, childhood memory and the transition of innocence. I am intrigued with what fairy tales convey and how they achieve it. How make believe can reflect reality and vice versa. A wolf dressed in ladies clothing creates an image that holds both contradiction and danger, it is the oddity of the situation that appeals. I am attracted to the tension created when fear, comedy, comfort and awkwardness come together. It provides an arena to experiment with negative and positive emotions I want present. I have previously worked mainly with painting and drawing to convey these ideas but have recently started to construct installations. I am excited to begin to work in this new environment and to use new means to experiment and evolve my practice.” 

Images of some of Lauren’s 2D work can be seen above.

Lauren will begin her basement residency at Milkwood Gallery in January 2011.
Watch this space.


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