Rachel’s Reflection
August 30, 2010, 3:42 pm
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We come and we go

For this residency, I was initially planning to use the basement space as a studio, and explore my practise as a painter. However, as the time passed and I familiarised myself with Milkwood and the people that visited, I decided it was the perfect environment to develop my interest in portraiture.

The reality of the isolation and darkness of the basement resulted in finding myself naturally drawn towards the light and the people in thebuilding, and so here I am in the attic, surroundedby faces. The original idea was to paint traditional portraits of the people that I encountered while I was here, however my trusted SLR proved to be so inspirational, I decided to attemot to complete as many paintings as possible based on the hundreds of photographs hat I took, developing a form of speed painting.

Visitors and customers were happy to have their portraits taken, and a few even came especially! So not I have a very tempting bank of digital portraits that I am able to- time permitting- transform into paintings, exploring and developing my practice within the timeframe and space that this residency has offered me.

As an artist one can never guarantee the outcomes or successes of a project. I acknowledge the influence of Milkwood in my paintings whilst exploring the relationship between people and place within the context of the shop; the rather quaint and nostalgic atmosphere in the portraits reflect the identity of Milkwood itself.

Rachel McLaughlin

August 2010

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