A new project for September…
August 30, 2010, 3:59 pm
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The Proposal: ‘ Down in the Basement ‘

“One of my main aims for this residency would be to create a piece of work engaging the community by producing a site-specific installation.

The basement itself, as a generic term, is a place with strong connotations to childhood fears or anxieties, which I would like to play with.

By combining the two above components, my proposal is as follows:

Collecting hair from local hairdressers and from friends, I would create a carpet of hair either felting the hair into a ‘found’ carpet or by making it myself.

Viewers would be encouraged to engage with the carpet by walking onto it barefoot. Pictures of the people having participated would also be stuck onto the wall, allowing the viewer to see, and even possibly recognize, the participants they are walking upon.

The piece would draw parallels with the Victorian hair art, also known as Memento Mori (‘Remember you will die’) along with playing with the psychological associations associated with fallen air. Fallen hair being evocative of the presence and absence of the body, this uncanny feeling would only be reinforced by the pictures which can also be considered, in a certain way, as a proof of presence and absence of life.”

Emilie Collins

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