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July 30, 2010, 2:51 pm
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Now showing in the main gallery spaces of Milkwood is the group exhibition from It’s in the Corners That You’ll Find It – the latest basement residesnts. Jan Williams, Jo Ward, Cathryn Lowri Griffith, and Faye Darby are MFA students from Cardiff School of Art and Design, and have been in residence here since early June. They offer up to us four unique takes on Milkwood’s basement space….

Cathryn Lowri Griffith

“I am a painter and draughtsperson. I feel compelled to draw on a daily basis. Drawing is, and always has been an integral part of my life. I responded to the space initially with an urge to draw and cover my wall space in the basement. I predominantly draw building facades, but will draw anything which suites my chaotic and haphazard style and method of mark making. I enjoy hand drawing structured subjects. I have been preoccupied in making and then drawing origami paper sculptures for over a year and found that this has recently reappeared in my work.My painting addresses the passage of time through an exploration of surface and process. I work in layers, implementing different techniques of paint application and scraping back. I feel this has been relevant during my residency. The layering resonates in the different levels of the gallery, as does a knowledge of its history: I discovered that my grandfather visited this site when it was originally a dairy.”

Jo Ward

“During this residency I have attempted to explore through photography the corners and interior spaces of Milkwood’s basement. My interest lies in the small details, the corners and interior recesses that define space, and the accumulation of dust. Dust is present in all light and light creates space, so this dust is integral to the perception of our immediate location.”

Jan Williams

“Milkwood was at one time the site of an old dairy and certain architectural features remain that remind one of the building’s former use.

During my time spent on this residency I have explored the relationship with my childhood memories and experiences, a childhood spent on a farm near Brecon.

This reinforces my specific interests with the sense of memory and identity that can often be associated with certain places.

In my most recent work I have become interested in the temporary or impermanent nature of things and in my practice I use architecture as an example of transience. In a building’s life, as with Milkwood, certain changes and additions are made, that have transitory impact on the visual appreciation and structure, function and use. For example, plasterboard walls, new windows, doors and staircases; during this residency I have explored these core concerns more fully.

In my paintings and photographs I invite contemplations on life, memory, time and temporality.”

Faye Darby

“My work explores pattern in nature and the architecture of natures forms. I am particularly interested in exploring the relationship between order and chaos that appears in nature. I see how man asserts power and control over nature through a systematic re-ordering and categorising of natures forms. For my response I decided to explore the substance of milk in connection with Milkwood and it’s history. The individual pieces are based on microscopic images and scientific illustrations or diagrams explaining the composition of milk. Through my work I hope to create an alternative view of this chaotic and complex organic substance.”

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