week two- louise holt
April 23, 2010, 11:36 am
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A Stranger is a Friend You Never Met Before

Update on Louise Holt, by Theodore Griffiths

Louise has been working on knit-based interventions within the surrounding environment with the end aim of gauging reactions of people when they see something that they wouldn’t expect to see normally…

Here are some photographs followed by what Louise has to say about her project…

“The last photo is of a random guy who liked what we were doing and asked to have our picture taken. He said,

“A stranger is a friend you never met before”

I liked that and it started the project off well. It was really great just putting that one installation up because I had so many people stop and chat to me, asking questions and enjoying it. I think this project is going to be more about the reactions of people and the pleasure they get out of seeing something ‘pretty’ and a bit silly but also about making them look at their surroundings a bit more.

People really do enjoy seeing other people being creative and I think everybody that walked past had a smile on their face. Right, off to knit some more…”

Unfortunately, we will miss Louise at the Intermezzo but look forward to working with her in the run up to our final show at Milkwood Gallery.

23rd April 2010

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