Drawing a close…
January 10, 2010, 12:25 am
Filed under: Ben Meredith

The success of ‘smile please’ was creating an atmosphere of unease and fully exploring where I wanted to take my art in relation to the little girl image.  The interaction I had with the public was largely positive and some conversations both surprised me and challenged what I was undertaking.

There came a point however where I became increasingly unable to face painting or drawing the image any more.  My ‘obsession’; with the image had subsided.  The initial idea centred around interpreting this photo and repeating the creative act; exploring the results what is improved? What is lost?  Although scale, line and colour were altered with each new piece; the starting point was always the same.   I took the notion of duplicating the creative act from the same initial subject as far as I believe I could.  To continue past this point and simply churn out a larger collection of images was not an option. 


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