Visual Aims
December 3, 2009, 7:49 pm
Filed under: Ben Meredith

The show (working title ‘smile please’) will be a mixture of drawings and paintings made specifically for, in and directly onto the walls of the space itself.  My aim is to arrange a short residency in the space, during which visitors can visit and engage with both myself and the work, plus having a unique opportunity to see new art being made.  ‘Smile please’ will contaminate the Milkwood basement; images will slowly spread and seep from the walls and onto the surrounding floors.  There will be no major structural alterations to the space, rather the space will be transformed during the course of my residency.  The bulk of my activity will manifest itself in works on paper and as mentioned wall paintings, there may also be some work on canvas.  Although I have a fairly defined idea of what I want to achieve, there will be freedom to improvise.  I plan to push my mixed media approach using sewing, coffee, emulsion and collage as possible means of production.  I would also like to advise at this point that I will not use any oil based paints, so any work produced directly onto gallery walls can be easily removed. 



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