The Basement Project Begins…
December 1, 2009, 3:44 pm
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The Proposal

Both the starting point and reference for this body of work is a single photograph.  It shows a young girl posing for a school photograph.  When I initially viewed this image It conveyed youth, melancholy and insecurity.  Through repetition and experimentation in mixed media I plan to explore both the space and my practice through this image.  Narrative themes of obsession and possession will be injected into the production of the art.  Always working with a knowledge of the viewers expected experience when entering the space; confronted by this series of faceless portraits, the same portrait repeated. 

Drawings and paintings will be made specifically for, in and in some cases directly onto the walls of the Milkwood Basement.  Visitors have the chance to visit and engage with both myself and the work, plus have an opportunity to see new art being made.   

 “I find the space a challenge, but an appealing challenge. It is a space that can feel confrontational, the hum of the strip lighting, the smell of damp and the red painted floor all add to the mood…I think it will be a successful venture if Milkwood continue to engage with artists in this way, to encourage us to play with what is available and to be truly creative.”



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